Thursday, October 1, 2015.
Its official. Pier 68 at 1751 South Columbus Boulevard is now formally opened to the public. Gone are the abandoned shopping carts, a broken commode, a stop sign, eight discarded handguns and a plaid Christmas tree. The new pier, designed by Studio Bryan Hanes, is geometric and clean and orderly and litter-free.

In the past, Pier 68 was a pier that housed imported sugar. Like many of the other piers in this part of the river, it was abandoned in the 1960's. Its re-emergence as a destination is part of the Master Plan for the Central Delaware. Pier 68 is the southermost anchor of a .7 mile pedestrian/bicycle path that leads northward to Pier 53/Washington Avenue Pier.





However...eating any fish caught at the Pier is not recommended. The Pier may have been cleaned up, but the Delaware River in this part of South Philadelphia has a way to go.

Fisherman are welcome. There are 26 varieties of fish found in the area. Many varieties, like the sea bass, swim 100 miles from the ocean up the Delaware Bay to Philadelphia.

Information on fishing conditions is available from the Delaware River Fishermen's Association.They have a free website that reports on river conditions and opportunities for families to learn more about fishing.

Here's their site:

Many people are responsible for this new park, and it has been years in the planning. Thanks to the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation (DRWC); the William Penn Foundation; Wells Fargo Bank, and Walmart.

Details and a more comprehensive look at Pier 68 and the parties involved in the planning are available at the Plan Philly site.

All photos and artwork by Susan McAnninley.

Photo to the left is Councilman Mark Squilla casting a line in the river. Top of the third column is Michael Nutter cutting the ribbon at the opening ceremony.